Tuesday, August 5, 2008

BAGS for a cause

Joan just updated her Farmer's Diary again...this time to report on a new recycled bag initiative. JHSPH beat her to the punch on this one, but Joan wanted to send bags to our CSA to be fair. If you'd like one, you're welcome to take one, but if you're happy with your good ol' Bloomberg tote, Joan said she'd take back the bags we don't give away to sell at farmers' markets. So either way, the bag will go to good use. Joan explains that "the bags are fair traded. 1 BAG AT A TIME also contributes 1% of our total sales to an environmental non-profit group through our membership in 1% for the Planet." Joan promises to donate any profits from these bags and, from now on, to donate 10 extra cents for every farmers market customer who does not use a plastic bag. Go to the One Straw website to read on...http://onestrawfarm.com/diary.html