Thursday, July 10, 2008

Zesty wholegrain squash fritters

These hearty pancakes are packed with vegetable goodness, varied textures, and the flavorful kick of feta and sundried tomato. They're so good, they can be enjoyed naked - sans dipping sauce, that is; I recommend wearing pants while you eat them.

These were actually the result of a derring-do kitchen venture - my chard was starting to look droopy, and a lot of it was waiting to be eaten. Since I had been spending a lot of time away from home, I needed something I could pack for the road that wouldn't spoil.
  • 1 yellow squash, chopped
  • swiss chard*, chopped
  • sundried tomatoes, softened (soak overnight), chopped
  • whole wheat flour
  • 1 egg
  • water
  • milk
  • oil
  • feta cheese chunks
  • sprinkle** of organic flax seeds
  • sprinkle of salt
Put on some Count Basie, Buddy Rich, or Sinatra. This is crucial to bring out the flavor. Add ingredients, roughly in the order listed above, to a large mixing bowl. Stir, adding flour or water as necessary to achieve a sticky texture. Mixture should be about 1/2 dough and 1/2 vegetable chunks - don't go stingy on the veggies! Fry in a bit of oil. Once pancakes are golden brown on one side, flip, then squash with spatula to cook the insides well. Once crispy on both sides, serve with good company and a nice Malbec. Save some for work the next day.

Everytime I enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of my labors, I thank the dirt I signed up for this CSA. Without a fridge full of previously unknowns (orange beets? Never seem 'em before), I'd nary venture to concoct so many culinary Michaelangelos. Kudos (or kudzu?) to Leana and Joan for putting this together!

*Fun veggie facts:
Swiss chard, beta vulgaris, is of the same species as the common beet. Vulgaris sounds vulgar (crass), doesn't it? But vulgaris just means "ordinary," from the Latin vulgus, meaning "a crowd."

**How much is a sprinkle? More than a pinch, less than a pound.

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