Friday, June 17, 2011

Garlic scape and dried anchovies Bokkeum

When I got garlic scapes from CSA, I had to replicate my mom's signature banchan (Korean side dish), garlic scape and dried anchovies bokkeum (stir-frying in sauce).

Garlic scape and dried anchovies bokkeum is a simple stir-fried dish in soy sauce and rice syrup (or honey)that goes well with steamed rice.


Garlic scapes5-6stems cut bite size (2 inches)
Small dried anchovies 1cup
1Tbs Sunflower seed oil
1 Tbs Low sodium soy sauce
2 Tbs Rice syrup (honey)
2Tbs water
Optional: 1/2 cup Sliced almonds

You can buy dried anchovies in Asian grocery stores. Be aware to buy small kind (nothing bigger than 1-2 inches). A great source of calcium!

Heat up skillet pan.

1.Toast anchovies on high heat for 1-2mins. Stir it around a bit. It makes anchovies toasty and crunchy. Make sure you don't burn them.

2. Set them aside.

3. Reduce heat to medium. In the same pan, add 1 Tb sunflower seed oil (or any other vegetable oil). Gently put chopped garlic scapes. Make sure it's nice and dry.

4. After few minutes, put in anchovies and almonds. Toss them around.

5. When almonds turn slightly golden, add rice syrup and soy sauce. It will sizzle and bubble up. Stir quickly. Add water to prevent pan from burning.

6. Finish cooking in lower heat for additional 1-2 mins.

7. Let it cool and store in air tight container. Good for 10 days.

You can serve it hot or cold with steamed rice, kimchi and other banchan. I made mini wraps with rice and garlic scape bokkeum in red leaf lettuce from CSA. You can make this without anchovies or substitute with protein of your choice (e.g. ham). You might want to add a bit more soy sauce since I used less due to natural saltiness of anchovies.


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