Thursday, July 3, 2008

Emerald broth, ochre beets, and other olitory* indulgences

My soup recipes are hardly the sort that belong among the culinary masterpieces of Wolfgang Puck. If I'm lucky, my creations might someday qualify for publication on the back of a rusty, dusty, dented Campbell's soup can, the sort that one might find hidden behind the eerie, pickled remains of once-ambulating porcine limbs (pig's feet and soup cans are disconcertingly juxtaposed at my nearest grocer). That said, I do love cabbage, and I'm rather proud of my seemingly bottomless pot of emerald broth and nourishing, rubbery foliage. Throw in a few sliced yellow beets and a sprinkle of salt, or perhaps a nugget or three of some free-range antibiotic-free chicken sausage (for carnivorous folks, of which I am not, except for those every third mondays or so when I partake in the luxury of a meleagrine** indulgence; but keep that between you, me, and the lamppost).

*Of, like, or pertaining to kitchen vegetables.

**Of, like, or pertaining to turkeys. If you've ever felt the urge to use absurd vocabulary like cnidarian (of, like, or pertaining to a jellyfish), I'll share with you my most coveted secret:

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