Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What to do with all these greens?

welcome all CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members at JHSPH and beyond to the one veggie at a time blog (protecting health, saving lives....). a place to share ideas, recipes, resources, etc. for what to do with all the greens and the many other common and exotic veggies we get each week. please use this space to share with and learn from our fellow organic veggie lovers in East Baltimore.

So i will begin with a little something i invented that i am pretty proud mind you i rarely measure so you'll have to wing it but since this isn't a souffle you'll be fine!

chard and potato gratin: slice small potatoes about 1/4 inch thick and blanch. shock in cold water to stop cooking and set aside. saute minced garlic and chopped onions in olive oil. once onions are translucent add chard (stems removed) and a little bit of water to steam. season with salt and pepper. in a small casserole or baking dish put a layer of the chard mixture down. cover the layer with shredded parmesan. arrange a flat layer of potatoes on top making sure to cover all the chard mixture and season with salt and pepper. cover with another layer of parmesan and repeat. end with a layer of parmesan. bake covered in a 350 degree oven for about 15 mins. remove cover and let bake another few minutes to allow the cheese to get all bubbly and yummy. enjoy!

now it's your turn to share...

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